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Freedom what is it? How do you get it? Or are we slaves no matter what. Is that the true curse of sin? These past several years have truly caused me to rethink my life and where I am going in it. It always seems as though I am miscast or follow the wrong road sinking myself further into slavery. I want to truly be free not of responsibility but of the rat race and the slavery this world offers. All it does is sinks you further and further into debt. Even if you give up all material things you are still not free because then you serve the finding of food and water and shelter. What a sad existence we have created for ourselves.

Adam and Eve had it so good. God had provided for their every need yet what they wanted was to decide for themselves what was good and evil in their own sight. They sold themselves into slavery and lost their freedom. Mankind has continued since then setting up more and more things to be slaves to. Creating all kinds of things that are supposed to make our lives more simple but ultimately cause to be more like slaves.

Think about all that we have created over the last 50 years. Has it helped us to be more free? Or is the truth that it has caused us to become more enslaved then we were before? I know that if you sit and truly think about it you will agree that it has served to enslave us even more.

I hate it. I do not like being a slave. It is the worst feeling in the world when you realize that is all you are a slave! Day in and day out you have to serve something whether it is your home your debt your job yourself. Everywhere you look your masters call to you wear you down and out. They try to steal your joy! How painful it is to have your eyes fully open to the truth of the charade we have created for ourselves.

The smoke and mirrors of our lives built by us and the world and those in control of it are so cunning to keep you from seeing the truth. For a long long time I believed I was free and the more I worked the more I did served to make me more free. I now realize the truth all that I have done just served to enslave me all the more.

Solomon puts it this way,  “Absolutely pointless!” says the spokesman. “Everything is pointless!”Eccl 12:8 (GW)

So what is the answer?

My wife God love her says this all the time quoting her favorite verses. 25 “So I tell you to stop worrying about what you will eat, drink, or wear. Isn’t life more than food and the body more than clothes?
26 “Look at the birds. They don’t plant, harvest, or gather the harvest into barns. Yet, your heavenly Father feeds them. Aren’t you worth more than they?
27 “Can any of you add a single hour to your life by worrying?
28 “And why worry about clothes? Notice how the flowers grow in the field. They never work or spin yarn for clothes.
29 But I say that not even Solomon in all his majesty was dressed like one of these flowers.
30 That’s the way God clothes the grass in the field. Today it’s alive, and tomorrow it’s thrown into an incinerator. So how much more will he clothe you people who have so little faith?
31 “Don’t ever worry and say, ‘What are we going to eat?’ or ‘What are we going to drink?’ or ‘What are we going to wear?’
32 Everyone is concerned about these things, and your heavenly Father certainly knows you need all of them.
33 But first, be concerned about his kingdom and what has his approval. Then all these things will be provided for you.
34 “So don’t ever worry about tomorrow. After all, tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matt 6:25-34

This is where my journey continues.   7  “Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you.
8 Everyone who asks will receive. The one who searches will find, and for the one who knocks, the door will be opened.
9 “If your child asks you for bread, would any of you give him a stone?
10 Or if your child asks for a fish, would you give him a snake?
11 Even though you’re evil, you know how to give good gifts to your children. So how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask him?

The Golden Rule

12  “Always do for other people everything you want them to do for you. That is {the meaning of} Moses’ Teachings and the Prophets.

The Narrow Gate

13 “Enter through the narrow gate because the gate and road that lead to destruction are wide. Many enter through the wide gate.
14 But the narrow gate and the road that lead to life are full of trouble. Only a few people find the narrow gate.

Matt 7:7-14 (GW)



  1. Awesome blog post honey! Alos- Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He shall make straights your paths. x0x0 ❤ in <

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